Graeme Zinck

Graeme Zinck

Graeme Zinck is a fourth year computer science student at Mount Allison University (Sackville, NB). He is particularly interested in Human-Computer Interaction, and he has programming experience in Java, C++, Python, and Javascript.


In Summer 2018, he received an NSERC grant to research user privacy when combining services. He was trying to identify whether two services that individually keep a user’s data private still maintain privacy when they are combined. Using modal transition systems as the underlying model, he developed a theoretical method for combining services. He also explored the characteristics of opacity (privacy) with respect to modal transition systems.

Virtual Keyboard

In Spring 2018, Graeme developed a 3D graphics application that allows a user to walk on a massive virtual piano. Developed using C++ and modern OpenGL, he manually wrote shaders in GLSL for the graphics processing unit in order to achieve the desired lighting effects in the 3D world. The GitHub repository is available here.