Graeme Zinck

Graeme Zinck

I'm a fourth year computer science student at Mount Allison University (Sackville, NB). I think Human-Computer Interaction is really fascinating, and I program in Java, Javascript, Swift, Python, C++, and C.


This year, I am a Developer Student Club Lead at Mount Allison University. As one of 23 founders of clubs across Canada, I work with Google Developers to provide workshops and resources for learning Google Cloud, web development, app development, and more.


This summer, I researched modular systems in Rennes, France. When you take a collection of individually secure devices in a smart home, they might not be secure when they interact. My work developed algorithms for verifying and enforcing security properties when an attacker can see all communication between devices. To accompany my theoretical work, I also built a software tool.

MtA Hacks

I led an incredible team to create the first hackathon at Mount Allison University. Aiming to promote learning, building, and collaborating in computer science, we hosted a 16-hour coding conference for high school and university students.


In Winter 2019, I was on a web development team building a travel planner web app. With a React.js front-end, Node.js server in the middle, and an AWS MySQL database behind the scenes, the fully-fledged application enables users to plan out events during their trip on an agenda.

Virtual Keyboard

In Spring 2018, I developed a 3D graphics application to let a user walk on a massive virtual piano. Developed using C++ and modern OpenGL, I manually wrote shaders in GLSL for the GPU in order to achieve the desired lighting effects in the 3D world.